Dott,ssa Panagiota Sarakinou, MD, PhD
-PhD, University of Rome “ La Sapienza ”-Master’s degree in clinical nutrition and Diabetes
-Certificate holder  for Metabolic and Nutrition Medicine of the European Institute of Nutrition Medicine, EINuM

Member of: 
  • Hellenic College of General Family Medicine
  • Hellenic Anti-Aging Academy
  • Hellenic Society for the Study of Helicobacter Pylori & Other Digestive Infections
I graduated from the Medical School of the University of Rome in Italy: Universita di Roma "La Sapienza" and obtained my Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery with distinction. My dissertation was on Breast Cancer Radiotherapy, and I was also awarded a distinction.

I obtained my Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Diabetes at the same University. I completed the specialization in Internal Medicine at Agia Olga Hospital in Nea Ionia.

Then, I specialized in Primary Supportive - Counseling Nutrition for Prevention and Treatment of Health Problems and Holistic Anti - Aging Management.

I have attended several training seminars at the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine  Agora - Societa Italiana di Medicina Estetica in Milan.

I have been practicing General Family Medicine for about 9 years in primary care, having the opportunity to come across with multiple cases of autoimmune and chronic diseases, both adult and child. Seeking practical tools for health improvement, I came across metabolomics.
At the same time, as a specialist in anti-aging and cosmetic medicine, it is my priority to provide medical care to patients who are seeking a better quality of life with as few health problems as possible.

As part of my continuing training, I participated in an international session in the areas of Nutrition, Obesity, Anti-Aging, Aesthetics and Blood Transfusion Surgery
Finally, I am a member of the scientific associations: Hellenic College of General Family Medicine, Hellenic Medical Anti-Aging Academy, Hellenic Society for the Study of Helicobacter Pylori & Other Digestive Infections

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