Tzala Katerina
Tzala Katerina

Laboratory tests technologist 

I am a graduate from the Department of Medical Laboratories of the Higher Technological Institute of Athens, Greece. I have specialized in performing laboratory analysis of all biological fluids and excretions and evaluating the results.

I work at Metabolomic Clinic and I understand that the application of Metabolomic Medicine to each patient has a specific therapeutic approach and adapts to the situation.

From my experience in laboratory tests as a Technologist, I believe that through these meta-analytical analyzes a personal "profile" is created for each patient through which his state of health is distinguished at the cellular level. This is precisely what helps to find the cause of a health problem rather than simply finding a symptom.

Over the last few years, unfortunately, excessive and uncontrolled use of drugs has simply led to the elimination of disease symptoms without giving a basis for treating the problem itself. Personally, I think that in order to achieve this, one must initially have a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise and psychological well-being.

As an athlete from an early age, I have succeeded, with the help of Metabolomics, to raise my level of abilities, to gain an even more correct way of life and to see my body more strengthened than ever before!

It is a pleasure to work with a remarkable and experienced team that gives me every day the motivation to be better at my job so that together we can offer high-quality health services at a time when diseases afflict more people.

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